The Hendrickson Method®

Learn how the Hendrickson Method® of orthopedic massage can help you to manage your chronic pain.

Find Pain Relief

Find the pain relief you have been looking for through the Hendrickson Method® of manual therapy.

Avoid Surgery

The Hendrickson Method® has been extraordinarily effective in treating many types of orthopedic conditions.

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Los Angeles Pain Relief

Pain Relief Through Hendrickson Method® Manual Therapy

Are you in the Los Angeles area and looking for a professional, trustworthy, and experienced orthopedic manual therapist? Look no further than Harris Manual Therapy! With more than 25 years of practice in therapy, Craig Harris, LCMT, COMT has a high level of experience and knowledge of the best manual techniques.

At Harris Manual Therapy, we use the Hendrickson Method® (HM), a highly effective method of manual therapy that provides pain relief and physical restoration. Call our office today at (818) 454-1136 for a free phone consultation!

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Alleviate your pain and get back to your normal life!

We provide therapy to those who do not want drugs or surgery. Our certified manual therapists understand that chronic pain can be absolutely crippling. This type of pain can prevent you from properly performing everyday activities in your life. While surgery may be a treatment option, this can bring about numerous complications, a lengthy recovery period, and possibly even additional pain.

Avoid Surgery, Find Pain Relief

Manual therapy through the Hendrickson Method may serve as an easier, more effective way to treat your painful condition in comparison to ordinary massages. If you have been struggling with pain and have not been able to find treatment that provides long-term relief, our Los Angeles pain relief therapy may be the perfect option for you!

At Harris Manual Therapy, we offer:

  • More than two decades of experience in the manual therapy field
  • The first Hendrickson Method instructor outside the Bay Area
  • Treatment that is customized to your unique needs
  • Free phone consultations

Are you in pain and in need of effective, long-term relief? If so, come to Harris Manual Therapy and let us help you get back to your normal routine as soon as possible. Please note that Flexible Reimbursement Plans can be used, but insurance may not cover the costs of our services. To learn more about our innovative method of manual therapy, contact our office now at (818) 454-1136!

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven to Help You Avoid Surgery Even When Other Methods Fail
  • Proven to Eliminate Chronic Pain
  • Free Phone Consultations
  • Faster and More Effective Results
  • Profoundly Comfortable Therapy
  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Most Experienced Hendrickson Method Instructor in Southern California