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What is a Hendrickson Method® session like?

  • Your initial session starts with comfortable advanced assessments that will guide us to treat the specific tissues in the specific way – that will best stimulate your body’s natural healing response.
  • For the majority of your treatment you are on your side in a relaxed position with a pillow underneath your head and another between your flexed knees; the way many people sleep. Our sessions can be done fully clothed (and without oil).
  • We then relax the involved muscles with a technique of assisted movement and isometrics which balances tight/weak muscles and reduces trigger points in a fraction of the time of other therapies.
  • The relaxed tissue is then gently repositioned back into functional alignment with rhythmic wave-like rocking motions of the body, similar to rocking a baby or waves on the shore. This also mobilizes and lubricates the joints, dissolves tension and promotes more fluidity and pain free motion.
  • When deeper work is needed, there is more relaxation first and more rocking, which distracts the nervous system and creates more slack in the tissue, making the therapy as comfortable as possible.

How do you help people avoid surgery?

I believe the therapy I provide can help where others haven’t, because I:

  • Treat the causes of your condition (by restoring comfortable function, rather than just masking the symptoms), so the benefits of treatment are lasting and your every movement of the day is stimulating further healing.
  • Treat the structural issue inside the joint, so you get relief from the source of most chronic pain (the joint capsule inside the joint).
  • Provide coaching in the most important self-care exercise, stretching, and ergonomics for your specific condition, so you benefit from every day between our sessions, making your initial progress much faster and allowing you to maintain long-term health throughout your life.

Why Choose Us?

  • Proven to Help You Avoid Surgery Even When Other Methods Fail
  • Proven to Eliminate Chronic Pain
  • Free Phone Consultations
  • Faster and More Effective Results
  • Profoundly Comfortable Therapy
  • Over 25 Years of Experience
  • Most Experienced Hendrickson Method Instructor in Southern California