Shoulder Pain

Suffering from rotator cuff injury? frozen shoulder? shoulder impingement? or other shoulder pain? Tired of not being able to reach the top shelf or shampoo your hair? …or have trouble comfortably putting on your coat or bra? Tried every other therapy out there, but still have shoulder pain/stiffness?

Hi, I’m Craig Harris. I’ve helped hundreds of people avoid shoulder surgery by helping relieve their pain and restore joint function. After twenty nine years, and thousands of hours of study, I’ve boiled the best information down into 5 simple powerful tips for you to use right now! Simply fill out the contact us form on the right make sure you mention you want the tips for shoulder pain in the message box.

Here’s what you’ll get:

“Top Secrets to Avoid Shoulder Surgery and Find PAIN RELIEF”

  • The specific movement proven to stimulate healing of your joint tissues
  • #1 mistake that keeps aggravating your aching shoulder tissues
  • 3 things to start your day with less pain/inflammation
  • How to nurture your shoulder tissues throughout the day

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