The Hendrickson Method®

Los Angeles Pain Relief Treatment

Our clinic proudly offers treatment using the Hendrickson Method®, an advanced system of manual therapy that is proven as an effective method for treating extreme cases of chronic pain. While some medical professionals might want to send you straight to surgery or suggest a high amount of drugs, we at Harris Manual Therapy believe that there is often a simpler and better way to deal with the source of your problems.

The Hendricks Method uses three key techniques, which include:

  • Wave mobilization therapy: We are able to mobilize soft tissue in your body using a technique that is based on the model of ocean waves and the Tai Chi foundation of energy healing. This technique uses rounded strokes in a rhythmic motion that allow for relaxation and healing.
  • Joint mobilization: Acute and chronic pain is often caused by joint restriction or misalignment of the joints. Through the Hendrickson Method, we use specific protocols for treating joint issues and restoring mobility in the joints, which helps to reduce the pain. HM allows us to treat the actual source of the pain rather than just masking the symptoms.
  • Muscle Energy Technique (MET): This technique targets the nervous system. Through this process, the practitioner applies gentle pressure, which the client must resist. The Muscle Energy Technique helps restore malfunctioning nerves, remove trigger points, strengthen muscles, relax tight muscles, and improve the joints’ range of motion.

25 Years of Experience in Manual Therapy

Our certified orthopedic manual therapist, Craig Harris, LCMT, COMT at Harris Manual Therapy has more than 25 years of experience, and he is a certified instructor in the Hendrickson Method. In fact, he is even the first HM instructor outside of the Bay Area!

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Have you given up on treating your pain? Do you feel like you have tried every option, but none of them seem to work? Whatever is causing your acute or chronic pain, there is a chance that our treatment system could help you return to a normal, daily routine.

Contact our Los Angeles Pain Relief clinic at (818) 454-1136 and schedule your appointment today! We offer free phone consultations and accept Flexible Reimbursement Plans. Please note that insurance may not cover the costs of services.

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  • Proven to Help You Avoid Surgery Even When Other Methods Fail
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